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TEMA: NEW YORK — Nike unveiled a new running shoe

NEW YORK — Nike unveiled a new running shoe 2 años 2 meses antes #307198

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NEW YORK — Nike unveiled a new running shoe here Tuesday that's designed to give athletes more spring in their step — and possibly add a badly-needed bounce to the sneaker giant's North American sales. The Nike Epic React Flyknit, which officially goes on sale Feb. 22,adidas superstar mens features a special foam dubbed Nike React the company says provides a unique combination of lightness, comfort and performance. The company is counting on the shoe appealing to a variety of runners, whether they're trying out for their high school track team or competing for a spot in the Olympics.

Outside Overkill, a hip shoe store in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district, breakfast is being served: Mettbrötchen, minced raw pork on a bread roll.adidas originals superstar “This isn’t a hipster breakfast,” explains Julian Kalitta of Overkill. “It is typical old-school Berlin – something you can imagine one of the city’s tram drivers eating before work.”It’s a fitting treat for the hundreds of people who have camped out in the snow, some since Saturday, waiting for the limited release of 500 pairs of the new EQT Support 93/Berlin shoe – an unlikely collaboration between Adidas and BVG, the city’s transport company.

The shoes, which feature the same camouflage pattern used on the city’s train seats, double up as an annual transit pass. It’s embedded in the tongues of the trainers, which are styled as a fabric version of the BVG annual ticket, and can be used just like a regular ticket covering the bus,cheap adidas trainers tram and underground in zones A and B.As a result, the sale has drawn an unusual mix of trainer collectors and those simply looking to make a saving on their daily commute.
“We often see people camping outside for new shoes but this is different,” says Kalitta. “It’s not just the sneakerheads’.”

Mihai Vătafu, 28, A graphic designer originally from Bucharest, has been camping in the bus stop across from the shop since Sunday. “I fell in love with the city when I moved here six months ago and I’ve always loved the trains,” says Vătafu. “Wearing the shoes will be a statement; it doesn’t matter where you are from, they represent how you feel about the city.adidas running shoes online Plus I can’t wait for the moment a ticket inspector gets on the train and I can just point to my shoes.”But Jana Sträter, 20-year-old student, sees them as practical. “I’m not a big Adidas fan, but I think the idea of getting a ticket for the train is really cool,” says Sträter. “Some people will sell them on but I will wear them.”Riders will need to wear both shoes, rather than carrying them in a bag or giving one to a friend, to use the ticket.
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